In addition to excitement, early pregnancy often comes with a lot of questions – and sometimes some anxiety. You may be wondering how to support your health and that of your baby through proper nutrition, exercise and your mental well-being.

myMindBodyBaby is an online community to help patients find information, answers and support during their journey to grow their families. Understanding the complex emotions and feelings that come with early pregnancy following fertility assistance, myMindBodyBaby offers resources and tools to help newly pregnant women navigate the first trimester of their pregnancy.

The 1st Trimester Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition Guide was created based on the latest research and pregnancy guidelines, and provides valuable information and guidance to support you. The guide provides nutritional guidance during pregnancy, a complete first trimester meal plan (with lots of options for helping manage pregnancy symptoms, like nausea), a no equipment, pregnancy-friendly workout schedule with full length videos, and weekly mental well-being tips to help manage pregnancy anxieties.

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